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Marie Claire Part 4

“Kensington Palace Refuses to Release the Original, Unedited Photo of Princess Kate That Is Causing So Much Controversy”

“Prince William and Princess Kate Spotted Together in a Car Leaving Windsor Castle”

“Why Wasn’t Princess Kate Wearing Her Engagement Ring or Wedding Band in *That* Photo? Kensington Palace Explains (Kind Of)”

“After Feeling “Supreme Disappointment” at 2023 Oscars Loss, Angela Bassett “Decided to Party Like It’s 1999” with Beyoncé and Jay-Z”

“Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce—Perhaps the World’s Most Photographed Couple—Attended the Oscars’ Most Exclusive Afterparty with Zero Photo Evidence to Prove It”

“Kate’s Middleton’s Photo Fail on Mother’s Day Yesterday Actually Wasn’t the Only Surprise We Got from the Royal Family”

“Princess Kate Feels “Awful” and Is “Deeply Upset” That An “Innocent Family Photograph” Has Turned So Nightmarish”

“If the Palace Doesn’t Release the Unedited Mother’s Day Photo of Princess Kate, “The Integrity of Our Future King and Queen Is at Stake,” Royal Expert Claims”

“After Princess Kate’s Unprecedented Apology for Editing Her Mother’s Day Photo, Don’t Expect to Hear Anything More on the Matter from the Palace, Royal Expert Says”

“‘Deal or No Deal’ Host Howie Mandel Admits, for the Life of Him, He Can’t Remember Meghan Markle or This Fellow A-Lister Being on the Show”

“Royal Biographer Omid Scobie Announces Next Royal Book Project—and Is Writing Fiction This Time”

“Busy Phillips Says She Has Considered Showing Up to Red Carpet Appearances Looking “A Mess” to Protest the High Cost Women Have to Pay for Glam”

“After "Photogate," Further Details Emerge About When Princess Kate Is Expected to Return to Work”

“Does Princess Kate’s Mother’s Day Photo Controversy Mean We Won’t Be Getting Personal Photos from the Wales Family Anymore?”

“Olivia Munn Reveals Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Shares Her Prognosis: ‘Surprisingly, I’ve Only Cried Twice’”

“If You’re Going to Insult Ice Spice’s Custom Dolce & Gabbana, You’re Going to Hear Some Sharp Words From Her”

“Matthew Perry’s Stepfather, ‘Dateline’ Correspondent Keith Morrison, Says He Was “Happy, and He Said So” At the End of His Life”

“Jennifer Lopez Cancels the Final Seven Shows of Her ‘This Is Me…Now’ Tour with No Explanation”

“Despite Being 5,000 Miles Apart, Prince William and Prince Harry Still Couldn’t Bear to Attend an Event at the Same Time—Even One That Honored Their Mother Princess Diana”

“Several of Princess Kate’s Senior Staffers Haven’t Seen or Spoken to Her Since Her Abdominal Surgery Two Months Ago, Reports Say”

“If You Want to Buy Jellies and Jams, Napkins Rings, and Recipe Books from Meghan Markle, You're In Luck”

“King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands Takes a Swipe at the Princess of Wales’ Mother’s Day Photo Controversy: ‘At Least I Didn’t Photoshop It’”

“Omid Scobie: Princess Kate’s Photoshop Scandal Exposes Just the Tip of the Iceberg of ‘Years of Deceit, Cover-Ups, and Lies’”

“If Sydney Sweeney’s Custom Miu Miu Looks Familiar, It’s for Good Reason”

“Princess Diana’s Brother Earl Charles Spencer Speaks Out on the Kate Middleton Drama: ‘I Do Worry About What Happened to the Truth’”

“Prince William and Kate Middleton Face a Big Decision About Prince Louis in the Coming Weeks”

“Prince William Is ‘Very Sensitive’ About Kate Middleton Being Hounded by the Press Like His Mother Princess Diana Once Was: ‘He’s Seeing Elements of That Being Repeated Again’”

“Zendaya Plays a Tennis Pro in Her Next Film, So It Makes Sense That She and Boyfriend Tom Holland Do Date Day at a Tennis Tournament”

“We Are Very Happy to Report That King Charles Is, In Fact, Not Dead”

“Caitlyn Jenner and Lamar Odom Are Teaming Up to Co-Host a Podcast Together, and Its Name Is Very Kardashian-Inspired”

“After Five Years of Speculation, Rose Hanbury Finally Breaks Her Silence on Those Prince William Affair Rumors”

“Yet Another Photo Kate Middleton Took and Released to the Public Was Digitally Manipulated, Major Global News Agency Getty Images Says”

“Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Bios on the Official Royal Family Website Look Really Different Today”

“Beyoncé Shares the Painful Reason Why She Chose to Make ‘Act II: Cowboy Carter’”

“Kate Middleton’s Team Is “Working Around the Clock” Preparing for Her Return to Royal Duties”

“Kate Middleton’s Recovery Period Post-Surgery “Has Been More Difficult Than Expected,” Both Physically and Emotionally”

“Prince Harry Is Reportedly “Worried” About Sister-in-Law Kate Middleton After Seeing Mother Princess Diana and Wife Meghan Markle Endure Similar Public Vitriol”

“Why Doesn’t Prince William Wear a Wedding Ring, But Prince Harry Does?”

“Travis Kelce: Super Bowl Champion. Swiftie. Game Show Host?”

“Nicole Kidman Reveals Why She and Reese Witherspoon Think Now Is the Right Time for Season Three of ‘Big Little Lies’”

“Dua Lipa, World-Famous and Grammy-Winning Singer, Reveals She Was Once Cut from the School Choir”

“Normally Ultra-Confident Cardi B Says She “Lost Myself” Recently Because of Hateful Social Media Commenters”

“Prince William Is Reportedly Furious Over Attacks Leveled Against His Wife, Princess Kate”

“Sydney Sweeney Hints There’s a Reason for Her Chic New Bob Beyond Just Wanting a Hairstyle Change”

“Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are Reportedly Being ‘Left Out of Any Details Regarding Kate’”

“Princess Kate Paid the Tab for Soldiers to Enjoy 700 Pints of Guinness After Being Forced to Miss Out on St. Patrick’s Day Parade This Year”

“Gwyneth Paltrow Dishes on Which of Her Movies from the 1990s President Bill Clinton Snored His Way Through”

“You May Not See Her Doing It, But Kate Middleton Is Very Much Still Working on Behalf of the Royal Family from Home, Kensington Palace Says”

“As Royal Family Drama Reaches Its Apex, Queen Camilla Is Filming a Documentary”

“Rose Hanbury Sends Legal Notice to Stephen Colbert Over Prince William Affair Joke on ‘The Late Show’”

“This ‘Real Housewives’ Star Actually Hired a Psychic to Solve the Kate Middleton Mystery”

“King Charles Had a “Very Emotional” Private Lunch with Princess Kate the Day Before She Announced Her Cancer Diagnosis to the World”

“King Charles Was “Toddling Down the Corridor” in His Dressing Gown to Visit Princess Kate While Both Were in Hospital Together Earlier This Year”

“Princess Kate Decided She Didn’t Want Prince William in Her Video Message Alongside Her as She Announced Her Cancer Diagnosis”

“Prince William—Whose Wife and Father Are Simultaneously Battling Cancer—Finds an “Unlikely” Ally Amid the Tumult”

“Princess Kate, Long a Supporter of Those Battling Cancer, Once Anonymously Donated Seven Inches of Her Hair to a Young Child Facing the Disease”

“Oscar Winner Olivia Colman: ‘If I Was Oliver Colman, I’d Be Earning a F—k of a Lot More Than I Am’”

“Britney Spears Could Have Been Elle Woods in ‘Legally Blonde,’ the Film’s Screenwriter Reveals”

“Sharon Stone Tried to Make ‘Barbie’ in the 1990s, But Was ‘Thrown Out of the Studio’”

“Turns Out Queen Camilla Is Exactly What the Royal Family Needs Right Now”

“One of Princess Kate’s Secret Weapons During This Difficult Time? Her Sister, Pippa Middleton Matthews”

“Sydney Sweeney Admits She Only Needs About Two Hours of Sleep Per Night—and Has Never Tried Coffee”

“Stephen Colbert Finally Addresses His Crass Joke About Kate Middleton, Prince William, and Rose Hanbury—But Stops Short of Apologizing”

“Meghan Markle Looks to Break Into the Beauty Space, Intending to Sell Fragrance, Makeup, Candles, and More with Lifestyle Brand American Riviera Orchard”

“Christian Louboutin Threw a Disco-Themed Party for the Royal Family of Monaco This Weekend, and They Went All in on the Theme”

“Prince William Feels “Helpless and Scared” One Month After Princess Kate’s Cancer Diagnosis”

“Prince William and Prince Harry Have Had Serious Issues in Their Relationship As Far Back as 2002, Royal Biographer Says”

“Andie MacDowell Says No One Would Care About Her Gray Hair If She Was a Man”

“Shakira Is Reportedly “Very Open” to Dating—But Nothing Too Serious, Please”

“Eva Mendes Says She Gave Up Acting to Become a Full-Time Mother Even While Partner Ryan Gosling Continues to Work—And She Regrets Nothing”

“Jeremy Allen White Is Reportedly In Talks to Play Bruce Springsteen in Upcoming Biopic About ‘The Boss’”

“Prince Harry Is Reportedly Planning to See King Charles Again When He Is in the U.K. in 6 Weeks”

“Royal Author Says Prince Harry Is Discussing Writing a Sequel to ‘Spare’—But This Book Will Have a More “Conciliatory” Tone”

“Britney Spears Cryptically Says She Wants to Be Open About Her Struggles, But They’re ‘Too Offensive to Share’”

“It’s Getting Increasingly More Serious Between Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater”

“Suki Waterhouse and Robert Pattinson Reportedly Can’t Wait to Get Married After Recently Welcoming Their First Child Together”

“Someone Just Bought the Infamous Door from ‘Titanic’ for a Mind-Numbing Amount of Money”

“When Princess Kate Makes Her Return to Royal Duty, She’ll ‘Come Back Even More Passionate’”

“Prince William Is Making Sure Princess Kate Doesn’t Feel Alone During This Difficult Season”

“‘Saturday Night Live’ Alum Cecily Strong Is Engaged—and the Proposal Absolutely Did Not Go According to Plan”

“Cardi B Says It’s Not Easy to Find Looks That Fit Her Body Type: ‘This Body Is Not Meant for a Size 2’”

“Dara Huang—Who Shares Son Wolfie with Princess Beatrice’s Husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi—Opens Up About Co-Parenting with the Royal”

“‘Euphoria’ Star Storm Reid Is “Disappointed” But “Not Surprised” That Season Three’s Filming Has Been Delayed”

“Gillian Anderson, Who Played Margaret Thatcher on ‘The Crown,’ Says the Show Ended at Just the Right Time”

“Beyoncé Considers ‘Cowboy Carter’ ‘The Best Music I’ve Ever Made’”

“Dolly Parton—Er, “Dolly P”—Gives Her Stamp of Approval to Beyoncé’s Cover of ‘Jolene’”

“There’s Likely a Poignant Reason the Women of the Royal Family Color Coordinated in Green at Yesterday’s Easter Service”

“Princess Kate Has Helped Heal Unease Between King Charles and Prince William, Royal Expert Says”

“Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie Are Reportedly “Very Upset” That Their Uncle, King Charles, Has Snubbed Them from Taking on Royal Duties”

“Prince Harry Reportedly Sees Prince William’s Newfound Closeness with Queen Camilla ‘As A Betrayal’”

“The U.K. and the U.S. Are Locked In a Bidding War to Host Prince Harry’s Invictus Games in 2027”

“King Charles Has One Major Regret in the Way He Parented Prince William and Prince Harry”

“Report: Kensington Palace Rushed the Release of Princess Kate’s Video Announcement About Her Cancer Diagnosis Because of Fears of a Leak About Her Condition”

“As Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis Absorb the News of Their Mother’s Cancer Diagnosis, a Longtime Family Friend Notes Their ‘Extraordinary Resilience’”

“Prince Harry Was Reportedly the Primary Beneficiary of This Late Royal’s Massive Fortune, and Received More Than Prince William for a Very Logical Reason”

“Bravo’s Andy Cohen Finally Apologizes to Kate Middleton After Fueling Conspiracy Theories About Her”

“Emma Roberts Once Hung Up on Britney Spears, Thinking the Call Was a Prank—and Immediately Regretted It”

“Dakota Fanning Says Having Kids Is Far More Important to Her Than Her Successful Acting Career”

“Japan’s Royal Family—the World’s Oldest Monarchy—Attempts to Appeal to the Youth of Its Country By (Finally) Joining Instagram”

“Prince Harry Is In “Quite a Painful Place” Because of Comments about Princess Kate in ‘Spare,’ Royal Author Says”

“As Ticket Sales Underperform for Her “This Is Me…Now” Tour, Jennifer Lopez Rebrands It to Celebrate Her Entire 30-Year Career in Music”

“Lizzo Clarifies What, Exactly, She’s Quitting After Cryptic Instagram Post Five Days Ago”

“Both Britney Spears’ “Toxic” and Kylie Minogue’s “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” Are, Randomly, Likely Written About the Same Veterinarian with His Own Reality Show”

“Taking the Guesswork Out of It, Travis Kelce Jokes (Maybe?) That He’s Already Got His First Kid’s Name Picked Out”

“As If Prince Andrew Wasn’t Humiliated Enough, Actor Rufus Sewell Admits He Had to Wear A Large Prosthetic Bum to Portray Him in Netflix's 'Scoop'”

“Princess Kate Is “Doing Her Best to Join in Outdoor Life” as She Remains with Her Immediate Family at Their Country Home, Anmer Hall”

“Princess Beatrice Is a Surprise Character in Netflix’s Forthcoming Film ‘Scoop’—and She Won’t Be Happy About It, Royal Expert Says”

“Could the Next Royal Wedding Be Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, Part 2?”

“Prince Harry Is Supportive of Wife Meghan Markle’s American Riviera Orchard Lifestyle Brand—but Likely Has Reservations About This Aspect of the Business, Royal Author Says”

“Princess Diana’s Wedding Dress Designer Is Working On a Modern Interpretation of the Iconic Gown 43 Years Later”

“Princess Catharina-Amalia of the Netherlands—Who Will One Day Be Queen—Is Preparing for a Major Royal Milestone This Month”

“‘Legally Blonde’ Television Series Is In the Works, with Reese Witherspoon and the Duo Behind ‘Gossip Girl’ Producing It”

“The Rest of the Spice Girls Apparently Kicked Mel B Out of Their Group Chat”

“Gillian Anderson Initially Turned Down the Role of BBC Journalist Emily Maitlis in ‘Scoop’ Because It ‘Seemed Like a Really Bad Idea’”

“Sarah Jessica Parker Has Truly the Wildest Theory About Her Character Carrie Bradshaw’s Friends Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte from ‘Sex and the City’”

“Jennifer Garner Recalls Crying in the Bathroom After an Audition Early in Her Career”

“Prince William and Princess Kate Feel “Intense Anxiety” at the Prospect of Taking the Throne, Tina Brown Says”

“Even 13 Years Later, Kourtney Kardashian Barker Can’t Help But Troll Her Sister Kim Kardashian Over That Diamond Earrings Moment”

“The Reason Members of the Royal Family Aren’t Allowed to Eat Sandwiches with Square Corners Goes Way, Way Back”

“Don't Be Fooled: 'Scoop' Isn't About One Man—It's About the Power of Women”

“Meghan Markle’s Father on ‘Suits’ Gave Her the Sweetest Advice Before Her 2018 Wedding to Prince Harry”

“Elizabeth Hurley Reveals How She Avoided a Wardrobe Malfunction In Her Memorable Safety Pin Dress from Versace”

“Amanda Montell Has a Theory for Why Everything Feels So Hard Right Now”

“Zendaya Praises Boyfriend Tom Holland for Handling Fame at a Young Age ‘Beautifully’”

“Why We’re Obsessed with the Handmade”

“Gwen Stefani Says One of Her Hit Songs Predicted Her Divorce Nearly a Decade Before It Happened”

“Renee Zellweger Officially Signs on for ‘Bridget Jones’ Revival”

“When Kaia Gerber Was Preparing for Her First Runway Show, Mom Cindy Crawford Made Her Watch Videos of Models Falling Down”

“Suki Waterhouse Praises Her Post-Baby Body: ‘I’m Proud of Everything My Body Has Achieved’”

“Crown Prince Hussein and Princess Rajwa of Jordan Announce They Are Expecting Their First Child 10 Months After Their Glamorous Royal Wedding”

“Mandy Moore Details “A Lot of Teenage Drama” and “A Fight Over a Boy” at Star-Studded 2003 ‘Vanity Fair’ Famous Teens Shoot”

“Zendaya Says Her Fierce Red Carpet Persona Doesn't Reflect Who She Really Is At Her Core”

“When Their Relationship Got Serious In the 2000s, Prince William Set Kate Middleton Up With an Crisis Hotline to Call In Case of Emergency”

“Ryan Gosling Says His Favorite Taylor Swift Song ‘Has a Real Soft Spot in My Heart’”

“Jessica Alba Resigns from Her Leadership Role at The Honest Company, Saying ‘There Would Never Have Been an Easy Time to Make This Decision’”

“Margot Robbie’s Next Film Project Brings One of the World’s Most Popular Board Games to Life”

“Prince William Steps Out at a Pub in Norfolk with Someone We, Quite Frankly, Weren’t Expecting”

“Jennifer Aniston Reflects on Her Early Days on ‘Friends’: ‘It Was Just Magic’”

“Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Officially Announce Two New Netflix Series, Both In the “Early Stages” of Production”

“King Charles “Desperately” Wants the Sussexes to Join Him at Balmoral This Summer”

“King Charles and Princess Kate’s Aligning Cancer Battles Show “The Cracks Turning Into Craters” for the Monarchy, Royal Author Says”

“Royal Family Is Up Against Its “Biggest Crisis” Since the 1936 Abdication, Expert Says”

“The Internet Has Finally Discovered Prince Carl Philip of Sweden—and, Yeah, He’s Worth Discovering”

“Princess Diana Told Queen Elizabeth Through Tears That Her Then-Husband Prince Charles Was “A Nightmare” and That She “Hated” Him, Royal Author Claims”

“Princess Kate Rarely Wears These Three Colors—and a Fashion Stylist Digs Into the Reason Why”

“Dakota Fanning Says This Extremely Famous Former Co-Star Has Given Her a Birthday Present Every Year for Nearly 20 Years”

“Matthew McConaughey Shares His Immediate First Impression of Co-Star Kate Hudson On the Set of ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’”

“Nicola Peltz Beckham Dishes on What It’s Like Inside Mother-in-Law Victoria Beckham’s Closet”

“Princess Kate Reportedly Carries These Four Items in Her Enviable Collection of Handbags”

“Reese Witherspoon Wonders If the Era of the A-List Actor or Actress Is Over”

“Queen Elizabeth’s Mischievous Side Came Out When “Things Went Wrong” at Royal Engagements, Longtime Aide Remembers”

“Meghan Markle’s Lifestyle Brand American Riviera Orchard Reveals Its First Product Offering”

“Meghan Markle’s New Netflix Cookery Show Begins Filming Today—But Not Where You’d Expect It to Be Shot”

“Hannah Waddingham Fiercely Calls Out a Photographer Who Demands She Show More Leg on the Red Carpet”

“Heidi Gardner Opens Up About Viral Moment She Broke Character During ‘Saturday Night Live’ Beavis and Butt-Head Sketch”

“Princess Martha Louise of Norway Sets Wedding Date with Fiancé Shaman Durek Verrett After a Two Year Engagement”

“Princess Diana Revealed to a Royal Author the Real Reason Why Her Marriage to Prince Charles Ended Not Long Before She Died in 1997”

“Prince William Single-Handedly Planned His and Kate Middleton’s Romantic Honeymoon”

“Zendaya Says She Feels “So Lucky” to Have the Support of Loved Ones Like Boyfriend Tom Holland”

“Eva Mendes Especially Loves this Sketch from Ryan Gosling’s Recent ‘Saturday Night Live’ Hosting Gig”

“Yes, That’s Meghan Markle’s Calligraphy on American Riviera Orchard’s Logo”

“Katie Couric Says This ‘Today’ Co-Anchor Had an “Incredibly Sexist Attitude” About Her Maternity Leave”

“Margaret Qualley Drops Out of Playing Amanda Knox in Upcoming Hulu Miniseries”

“Diana Spencer, Then 19, Started Sobbing in the Ladies’ Room As She Asked Princess Grace of Monaco for Advice About Marrying Royalty”

“As He Prepares to Return to Royal Duty Tomorrow After Nearly A Month Away, Prince William Is Struggling with “Immense” Pressure, Reports Say”

“When It Comes to Grace Kelly’s 1956 Wedding Gown, the Magic Is In the Exquisite Details”

“Jennifer Lopez is Reportedly “Disappointed” in Low Ticket Sales for Upcoming Tour, But Is Shaking It Off”

“AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys Reveals the Group Has Gone to Therapy Together, and That They Consider the Band Their ‘First Marriage’”

“Princess Martha Louise of Norway Blasts Magazine for “Spreading Lies” About Her Fiancé, Shaman Durek Verrett, Four Months Before Their Royal Wedding”

“King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands Shares Swoon-Worthy Story of How He Met His Wife, Queen Maxima, in Spain 25 Years Ago”

“Prince William Makes Moving Promise About Princess Kate at His First Public Appearance Since She Revealed She Has Cancer”

“Gwyneth Paltrow Says the Public Would Be “Quite Shocked” to Learn What Movie Roles She Gave Up to Raise Her Kids”

“Here’s How to Get Out of a Speeding Ticket, According to Zendaya and Tom Holland”

“Kourtney Kardashian Barker Loves Her Postpartum Body, Thank You Very Much”

“Women on ‘The Hills’ Were Put In ‘Compromised Situations’ Like ‘Blood Sport,’ Cast Member Lo Bosworth Says”

“Another European Royal Is Set to Abdicate the Throne—Though When, Exactly, Remains Unclear”

“Will Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet Appear in Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Two New Netflix Series?”

“Nicola Peltz Beckham Skipped Her Mother-in-Law Victoria Beckham’s 50th Birthday Party—But There’s a Reason”

“While In Character Filming ‘Never Been Kissed,’ Drew Barrymore Was Told to Tone It Down Because ‘You’re Just Looking Too Unattractive’”

“Rihanna Reveals Which of Her Past Outfits She Considers Her ‘Fashion Icks’”

“Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis “Are Following Some New Rules” at Home to Help Make Life Easier for Princess Kate”

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