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I'd Rather Be Reading

Listen to the trailer for the show here!

Season 1

“Episode 1: Lisa Napoli on the Rise of Women in Journalism”

“Thursday Three No. 1”

“Episode 2: Brian Moylan on Bravo’s Real Housewives”

“Thursday Three No. 2”

“Episode 3: Jean Becker on President George H.W. Bush”

“Thursday Three No. 3 with Special Guest Carla Jean Whitley”

“Episode 4: Katie Sturino on Body Positivity”

“Thursday Three No. 4 with Special Guest Sparky Reardon”

“Episode 5: Scott O’Neil on Living Life Fully Present”

“Thursday Three with Special Guest C.J. Wade”

“Episode 6: Love Is Blind’s Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed on Falling in Love – and Staying in Love”

“Episode 7: The Bachelorette’s Desiree Hartsock Siegfried on How Her Faith Led Her to Love”

“Episode 8: Ron Friedman on Reverse Engineering Your Way to Success”

“Episode 9: Dr. Kristin Neff on Fierce Self-Compassion”

“Episode 10: Former Miss Teen USA Shelly Bartholomew on Life’s Beautiful Messes”

“Episode 11: Karen Alpert on Raising Good Kids”

“Episode 12: Lauren Messiah on Creating Your Signature Style”

“Episode 13: Nicole Caruso on the #WorthyofWearing Movement”

“Episode 14: Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child on Depression, Loving Yourself, and Hope”

Season 2

“Episode 1: Dr. Tony Brooks on the War in Afghanistan”

“Episode 2: Amy Argetsinger on the Miss America Pageant’s Centennial”

“Episode 3: ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit on His Life – and College Football”

“Episode 4: Kathy Iandoli on Aaliyah’s Life and Legacy”

“Episode 5: Gary Ginsberg on the Friendships of U.S. Presidents”

“Episode 6: Women’s Health Editor-in-Chief Liz Baker Plosser on Successful Mornings”

“Episode 7: Susan Ronald on the Kennedy Family’s Patriarch”

“Episode 8: Dr. Melissa Shapiro on How a Dog Named Piglet Changed Her Life”

“Episode 9: Former Cosmopolitan Editor-in-Chief Kate White on Writing Fiction”

“Episode 10: Via Bleidner on the Kardashians and Life in Calabasas”

“Episode 11: Margaret Renkl on the American South”

Season 3

“Episode 1: Joseph Goodman on Nick Saban and the Alabama Football Dynasty”

“Episode 2: Brendan Borrell on Pfizer and Moderna’s COVID-19 Vaccine Race”

“Episode 3: Stacey Johnson-Batiste on Her Best Friend – Vice President Kamala Harris”

“Episode 4: Dana O’Neil on College Basketball’s Most Entertaining Conference, The Big East”

“Episode 5: Lana Wood on the Life and Death of Sister Natalie Wood”

“Episode 6: Jennifer Keishin Armstrong on Sex and the City”

“Episode 7: Jen Robin on Not Just Organizing Your Home, But Living a More Fulfilled Life”

“Episode 8: Marcellas Reynolds on Hollywood’s Most Iconic Black Actresses”

“Episode 9: Editor-in-Chief Extraordinaire Bonnie Fuller on Going for Your Dreams”

“Episode 10: The Best Books of 2021 with Carla Jean Whitley”

“Episode 11: Sheri Salata on The Beautiful No and Other Life Lessons”

“Episode 12: Special Mini-Episode – What Do Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, Jenna Bush Hager, and the Duchess of Cornwall Have in Common?”

Season 4

“Episode 1: Whitney Goodman on Toxic Positivity + Four Self-Help Titles to Kickstart 2022”

“Episode 2: Monica Aldama of Netflix’s Cheer on Life Lessons from Her New Book, Dancing with the Stars, and More”

“Episode 3: Dr. Jennifer Thomas on the Five Apology Languages (and the Five Love Languages, Too)”

“Episode 4: Atoosa Rubenstein of CosmoGIRL! and Seventeen Magazine Fame on Her Newest Venture – Substack”

“Episode 5: Special Fiction Pick! Francine Rivers on the Classic Book -- and Soon to Be Movie! -- Redeeming Love”

“Episode 6: Michele Promaulayko on How to Break Up with Sugar for Three Weeks – and Maybe Forever”

“Episode 7: David S. Rudolf on America’s Criminal Justice System”

“Episode 8: Nicole Lapin on Women and Money”

“Episode 9: Sadie Robertson Huff on Social Media's Impact -- From Comparison Culture to Cancel Culture and Everything in Between”

“Episode 10: Ann Shoket on The Big Life, Badass Babes, and Knowing You're Meant for More”

“Episode 11: J. Randy Taraborrelli on First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, Ethel Kennedy, Joan Kennedy, and the Unique Experience of Being a Kennedy Wife”

“Episode 12: Laura Thompson on Life as an Heiress + Spring Book Recommendations!”

“Episode 13: Madeleine Dore on Letting Go of Productivity Guilt”

“Episode 14: Christine Porath on Leadership and the Importance of Community”

“Episode 15: Dr. Ellen Vora on a Groundbreaking New Understanding of Anxiety and Mental Health”

Season 5

“Episode 1: Ian O’Connor on Coach Mike Krzyzewski’s Retirement, Duke Losing to North Carolina in the NCAA Final Four, and Coach K’s Impact on College Basketball”

“Episode 2: Ian Halperin on Hulu’s ‘The Kardashians’”

“Episode 3: Susan Swain on the First Ladies Ahead of Showtime’s New Series ‘The First Lady’”

“Episode 4: Amy Odell on Longtime Vogue Editor-in-Chief – and Cultural and Fashion Icon – Anna Wintour”

“Episode 5: Kristin Marguerite Doidge on the Power of Nora Ephron”

“Episode 6: Mark Feinsand on the Greatest Team in Baseball—the New York Yankees”

“Episode 7: Jacey Duprie of Damsel in Dior on How Self-Acceptance is the Key to Happiness”

“Episode 8: Jenna Kutcher on Living the Life You’ve Always Dreamed of Living”

“Episode 9: Mark Rozzo on the 1960s in Los Angeles and One of the Most Iconic Couples of the Era”

“Episode 10: Ali Vitali on Why the United States of America Hasn’t Elected a Female President”

“Episode 11: Brian McDonald on September 11, 2001, the FDNY, and a Family Who Has Served It For Four Generations and Counting”

“Episode 12: Dr. Sasha Shillcutt on Why Boundaries Matter So Much—Especially for Women”

“Episode 13: Geoffrey Cohen on the Importance of Belonging”

“Episode 14: Dr. Marisa Franco on Making and Keeping Friends As An Adult”

“Episode 15: David Leaf on The Beach Boys, the California Sound, and Musical Genius Brian Wilson”

“Episode 16: Simon Morrison on the One and Only Stevie Nicks”

“Episode 17: Former U.S. Secret Service Agent Clint Hill and Lisa McCubbin Hill on Traveling the World with First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy”

“Episode 18: Melody Beattie on Her Landmark Book “Codependent No More”—and How It’s Still Relevant 36 Years Later”

“Episode 19: Tom Breihan on What the Billboard Hot 100 Chart Says About Not Just Music, But Culture”

“Episode 20: Shelly Calcagno on Losing Someone You Love to Alzheimer’s Disease”

Season 6

“Episode 1: Julia Samuel, Renowned Psychotherapist and Princess Diana’s Close Friend, on How to Navigate Family This Holiday Season (and Beyond)”

“Episode 2: Roseanne Montillo on the Murder of the Century—and How Truman Capote is Connected to It”

“Episode 3: Lo Bosworth on Total Body Health and Wellness and Listening to Our Bodies in 2023—and Beyond”

“Episode 4: The Best Books of 2022 with Carla Jean Whitley”

“Episode 5: Dr. Mike Rucker on Having More Fun This Year”

“Episode 6: Mark Moyar on the Vietnam War”

“Episode 7: Becky Vollmer on Getting “Unstuck” and Living the Life You Truly Want”

“Episode 8: ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith on Life Lessons, Learning from Your Mistakes, and the Dreams He Still Wants to Fulfill”

“Episode 9: Dr. Rick Hanson on Improving Our Relationships”

“Episode 10: Michelle Elman on Enjoying Dating—and Being Selfish and Empowered While Doing So”

“Episode 11: Former Congressman Trey Gowdy on the Art of Decision Making”

“Episode 12: Julia Fabris McBride on Leadership—and How Everyone Can Lead”

“Episode 13: Dr. Molly Maloof on How to Supercharge Our Energy and Feel Better Than Ever”

“Episode 14: Chuck Thompson on Status, Prestige, and Whether Any of It Even Matters Anymore”

“Episode 15: John Higgs on The Beatles and James Bond — and What They Mean to Britain (and the World)”

“Episode 16: Alisha Fernandez Miranda on Going from CEO to Intern (On Purpose!) and Being Happier Than Ever”

“Episode 17: Katherine May on Finding Enchantment Again”

Season 7

“Episode 1: Mallory Ervin on Living Fully”

“Episode 2: Dr. Amy Shah on Why We Crave the Foods We Crave”

“Episode 3: Paula Faris on Mom Guilt and Why Working Moms Matter”

“Episode 4: Maggie Bullock on J. Crew, Jenna Lyons, Mickey Drexler, and ‘Prep’ Fashion”

“Episode 5: Cyndie Spiegel on Finding Joy No Matter Your Circumstances”

“Episode 6: Rebecca Boggs Roberts on the Complex Legacy of First Lady Edith Wilson”

“Episode 7: Jenn Granneman on the Power of Sensitivity”

“Episode 8: Dr. William Li on Groundbreaking New Information on Metabolism, Intermittent Fasting, and How You Can Love Food and Still Lose Weight”

“Episode 9: Dr. Henry Cloud on Trust -- When to Give It, When to Withhold It, How to Earn It, and How to Fix It When It Gets Broken”

“Episode 10: Tracy Maylett and Tim Vandehey on Why We Don’t Finish What We Start”

“Episode 11: Dr. Pooja Lakshmin on Real-Self Care and Redefining Wellness—Crystals, Cleanses, and Bubble Baths NOT Included”

“Episode 12: Maggie Smith on Divorce, Heartbreak, Modern Womanhood, and Recommitting to Yourself”

“Episode 13: Aliza Licht on Building a Strong Personal Brand”

“Episode 14: Charlotte Fox Weber on the 12 Most Common Human Desires”

“Episode 15: Dr. Jean Twenge on How the Generation You’re Born Into Shapes Who You Are (Think Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z)”

“Episode 16: Carl Sferrazza Anthony on Jacqueline Bouvier in Her Coming of Age Years—Before She Was First Lady Jackie Kennedy”

“Episode 17: Jack Curry on Why the 1998 Yankees Were the Greatest Team in Baseball”

“Episode 18: Chris Cillizza on Sports and the American Presidency—and How They Are Related”

“Episode 19: Anna Kloots on Finding Your Own Magic”

“Episode 20: Luke Russert on Traveling the World, Grieving His Father Tim Russert, and Following Him Into Journalism”

Season 8

“Episode 1: Marisa Meltzer on Glossier, Emily Weiss, and the Beauty Industry in the U.S.”

“Episode 2: Brian Stelter on Apple TV+’s ‘The Morning Show’ and Why Morning Television Like NBC’s ‘Today,’ ABC’s ‘Good Morning America,’ and ‘CBS Mornings’ Will Always Be Relevant”

“Episode 3: Cindy Chupack on What It’s Really Like Inside the Writer’s Room of Television Shows Like Sex and the City, Modern Family, Everybody Loves Raymond, Divorce, and More”

“Episode 4: Farnoosh Torabi on How Our Fears Can Actually Be Our Superpower”

“Episode 5: MSNBC’s Alicia Menendez on the Likeability Trap, Why We Care So Much About What Others Think of Us, and Why Women in Particular Often Have to Choose Between Success and Likeability”

“Episode 6: Former U.S. Ambassador Nicole Avant on Navigating Grief, Practicing Forgiveness, and Utilizing Faith on the Journey”

“Episode 7: Liz Moody on 100 Easily Adoptable Ways to Live Your Best Life”

“Episode 8: Special Mini-Episode: Movies Coming Out in the Last Quarter of 2023 That Are Based on Books (Killers of the Flower Moon, Priscilla, The Boys in the Boat, Ferrari, and More)”

“Episode 9: Philip Norman on George Harrison, the Beatles, and ‘Rock’s Strangest Love Triangle’”

“Episode 10: Michael MacCambridge on the 1970s in Sports—Title IX, Billie Jean King, O.J. Simpson, Monday Night Football, and More”

“Episode 11: Allison Bornstein on Personal Style, Organizing Your Closet, and the Joy of Getting Dressed”

“Episode 12: Matt Singer on the Legendary Duo of Siskel and Ebert and How They Changed Movies Forever”

“Episode 13: Jean Godfrey-June on Being a Beauty Editor at Goop, the Golden Era of Magazines, the Greatness That Was Lucky Magazine (RIP), What It’s Like Inside a Beauty Closet, Celebrity Beauty Lines, and So Much More”

“Episode 14: Robin Givhan on The Battle of Versailles, a Night Where American Fashion Cemented Its Place in the Global Conversation 50 Years Ago This Month”

“Episode 15: Kathy Kleiner Rubin on Surviving Serial Killer Ted Bundy, and Why His Victims Should Be Honored and Remembered”

“Episode 16: Mark Dent and Rustin Dodd on Quarterback Patrick Mahomes, the Kansas City Chiefs and Kansas City Itself, and, Yes, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift (We Had To)”

“Episode 17: Mandy Matney on the Alex Murdaugh Murder Trial and the Experience of Reporting on It from the Beginning”

“Episode 18: Mitch Albom on His Latest Work of Fiction, ‘The Little Liar’”

"Episode 19: Eve Rodsky on Marriage, Motherhood, the Value of a Woman’s Time, and Reclaiming Yourself”

“Episode 20: Samantha Harris of Dancing with the Stars, E! News, and Entertainment Tonight on How to Get to Your Healthiest Healthy”

“Episode 21: Guideposts Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Edward Grinnan on His Mother’s Battle with Alzheimer’s, His Fears of Inheriting It Himself, and the Faith That Saw (and Sees) Him Through”

Season 9

“Episode 1: Rob Harvilla on the Music of the 1990s and Why the Decade Was Pure Magic”

“Episode 2: Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche on 10 Steps to Reaching Your Financial Goals in 2024 and Beyond”

“Episode 3: Terri Pous on How to Plan the Wedding of Your Dreams”

“Episode 4: BBC’s Katty Kay on the Transformative Power of a Life of Confidence”

“Special Mini-Episode: A Short But Vitally Important Message from Me to You This Holiday Season”

“Episode 5: Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino on MTV’s Jersey Shore, Battling Drug Addiction, Serving Prison Time for Tax Evasion, and Life Now As a Family Man”

“Episode 6: Candace Bushnell on (Of Course) Sex and the City, Writing Both Nonfiction and Fiction, Her Upcoming Reality Dating Show, Writers She Admires, and Why She Always Writes About Powerful Women”

“Episode 7: Aurora James on Her Beautiful Memoir, “Wildflower,” Brother Vellies, The 15 Percent Pledge, and Her Desire To Be Both a Fashion Designer and An Activist”

“Episode 8: Nancy Jo Sales on Her Career with Vanity Fair, New York Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar and More, Plus Her Three Books The Bling Ring, American Girls, and Nothing Personal”

“Episode 9: The Best Books of 2023 with Carla Jean Whitley”

“Episode 10: Dr. Nicole LePera on How to Be the Love You Seek”

“Episode 11: Dr. Anthony Youn on How to Look and Feel Younger Through Our Lifestyle Choices”

“Episode 12: Dr. Michael Gervais on How to Stop Worrying About What Other People Think of You”

“Episode 13: Dr. Uma Naidoo on How to Treat and Prevent Anxiety, ADHD, Depression, OCD, and More by What We Eat on a Daily Basis”

“Episode 14: Neal Allen on Taming Our Inner Critic”

“Episode 15: Dr. Gabrielle Lyon on How Muscle Is the Key to Aging Well, and Why Exercise Is Non-Negotiable”

“Episode 16: Dr. Samantha Boardman on How Vitality is Essential to Wellness”

“Episode 17: Dr. Linnea Passaler on How to Reverse Nervous System Dysregulation and Stop Anxiety, Burnout, and Fatigue Before They Even Start”

“Episode 18: Jennifer Keishin Armstrong on Mean Girls and Its Continuing Influence on Pop Culture, Teen Movies, Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, and So Much More”

“Episode 19: Dr. Daniel Goleman on How to Achieve Peak Performance Through Emotional Intelligence”

“Episode 20: Rosalind Wiseman (Who Wrote the Book that Inspired Tina Fey’s Screenplay for Mean Girls) on Raising Preteen and Teenage Girls and the Complex Social Issues They Face, from Cliques to Gossip to Boys”

“Episode 21: Kate Bowler on How Faith and Fear Can Coexist at the Same Time, and How It’s Okay to Have a Beautiful, Terrible Day”

“Episode 22: Special Mini-Episode: An Exciting Professional Announcement from Me + Kate Kennedy of “Be There in Five” on the Experience of Being a Millennial Through the Lens of Pop Culture”

“Episode 23: Dr. Aliza Pressman on How There Is No Right Way to Parent, Reparenting Ourselves, Absolving Ourselves of Parenting Guilt, and How Parenting Is the Hardest—But Most Rewarding—Work We’ll Ever Do”

“Episode 24: Laurence Leamer on Truman Capote and the Swans—and the New Ryan Murphy “Feud” Show About Them”

Season 10

“Episode 1: Julie Menanno, Also Known As @TheSecureRelationship, on Attachment Styles and How to Create a Healthy Relationship That Lasts a Lifetime”

“Episode 2: Dr. Caroline Leaf on the Mind-Brain Connection, Cleaning Up Our Mental Mess, Mind Management, Neuroplasticity, the Neurocycle, and More”

“Episode 3: Patti Davis, Daughter of U.S. President Ronald Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan, on Her Relationship with Her Parents, Forgiveness, and the Experience of Being the Child of a President”

“Episode 4: Jennie Allen on Why It’s Important to Feel the Feelings—All of Them”

“Episode 5: Vera Chapman, Our First Children’s Book Author, on Pregnancy Loss and How to Help Children Grieve Through It”

“Episode 6: Savannah Guthrie of NBC’s Today Show on Her Deep Faith, Her Purpose, and the God She Knows”

“Episode 7: Katharine McGee, New York Times Bestselling Author of the American Royals Series, on Writing Fiction, What’s Next for Her, and, Of Course, the Royal Family”

“Episode 8: Audrey Hepburn’s Son Luca Dotti and Meghan Friedlander of Rare Audrey Hepburn on the Legendary Actress and Her Love Affair with Paris”

“Episode 9: Chef Missy Robbins, Our First Cookbook Author, on the Day-to-Day Life of a Chef, Kitchen Culture, How Realistic the Show The Bear Really Is, and Self-Discovery on the Journey”

“Episode 10: Katie Rogers, White House Correspondent at The New York Times, on the Transformation of the Modern First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden, and What It Might Look Like When We Have a First Gentleman—If That’s What He Is Called”

“Episode 11: Charlotte Donlon on Loneliness, Belonging, and How Both Are Essential to the Human Experience”

“Episode 12: David Charter on Queen Elizabeth, Her Relationship with the United States, and the 13 Presidents She Knew While on the Throne—From Eisenhower to Biden”

“Episode 13: Film Expert and Oscars Guru Dave Karger on the Academy Awards Past and Present, the Relevancy of the Ceremony, and His Best Predictions for Sunday’s Big Show”

“Episode 14: Lisa Mayer of Boss Beauties on How Every Day Is International Women’s Day and How We Can Be Everything We Want to Be + My Top TV (and One Movie!) Picks Based on Books for Spring 2024”

“Episode 15: Alexandra Shulman, Former British Vogue Editor-in-Chief of 25 Years, on Life at the Top of the Masthead, Writing Fiction and Memoirs, and Making Fashion More Inclusive”

“Episode 16: Tamron Hall on Why Writing Crime Fiction Is Especially Meaningful to Her + 11 Other Fiction Authors I Love + Two More TV Picks Based on Books”

“Episode 17: Danielle Pergament on the Art of the Celebrity Profile—and What It’s Like When Jennifer Aniston, Victoria Beckham, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Garner, and Kim Kardashian Open Up to You”

“Episode 18: Andrea Lavinthal on Juggling Life As a Working Mom, How the 1990s Is the Best Decade of All Time, and What It’s Like to Be the Style and Beauty Director at People Magazine”

“Episode 19: Lesley Jane Seymour on Being Editor-in-Chief of YM, Redbook, Marie Claire, and More, Resilience, and How It’s Never Too Late to Reinvent Yourself”

“Episode 20: Mattie Kahn on Writing About Powerful Women and Girls, What It’s Really Like to Be a Freelance Writer, the Experience of Interviewing Celebrities, and What She’d Tell Her Teenage Self”

“Special Mini-Episode: Let’s Hear It for the Guys, Too”

“Episode 21: Vanity Fair’s Erin Vanderhoof on Life as a Royal Correspondent and Her Favorite Royal Family Books”

“Episode 22: Elle Magazine’s Véronique Hyland on Fashion, Famous Women, and, Yes, Millennial Pink”

“Episode 23: Kaitlin Menza on Telling the Stories of Women Whose Voices Deserve to Be Heard (Famous or Not), Writing Multiple Columns, Freelancing, and Living in Taiwan and Making It Work with U.S. Time Zones”

“Episode 24: Kate Betts on Being Editor-in-Chief at Harper’s Bazaar, Working in Fashion Journalism for Vogue and Fairchild Publications, Her Books About Paris and First Lady Michelle Obama’s Style, and What’s Next for Her”

“Episode 25: Sarah Ditum on How Toxic It Was to Be a Female Celebrity in the 2000s—from Britney Spears to Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian, and More”

“Episode 26: Powerhouse Literary Agent Lucinda Halpern on Actionable Steps to Find an Agent, Land a Book Deal, and Write the Book You Were Meant to Write”

Season 11

“Episode 1: J. Reuben Appelman on the Brutal Murders of Four University of Idaho Students in November 2022, and Where the Case Against Bryan Kohberger Stands Today”

“Episode 2: Teri Agins on How Fashion and Celebrity Interface, and How the Power of Celebrity Has Changed the Fashion Industry Forever”

“Episode 3: Linda Keir on the Royal Family Fiction Subgenre and Their Contribution to It, ‘The Royal Game’”

“Episode 4: Gareth Russell on the Sinking of the Titanic, 112 Years After It Happened”

“Episode 5: Jeffrey Toobin on the 29th Anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing and How Its Impact Is Still Felt Today”

“Episode 6: Dave Cullen on the Columbine High School Massacre, 25 Years Later”

“Episode 7: J. Randy Taraborrelli on the Actress Grace Kelly, Her Royal Wedding, Her Marriage to Prince Rainier III, and Her Life as a Princess in Monaco”

“Episode 8: Sam McAlister on Securing the Infamous Prince Andrew Interview for BBC’s Newsnight, the Basis of Netflix’s New Film Scoop”

“Episode 9: Dr. Meg Jay on What It’s Like to Be a Twentysomething Today, and Why the Twenties Are Such a Challenging Decade in One’s Life”

“Episode 10: April Simpkins on Her Daughter, Miss USA 2019 Cheslie Kryst, Her Ongoing Legacy, and the Importance of Mental Health Advocacy”

“Episode 11: Erik Larson on Fort Sumter, President Abraham Lincoln, and the Path Leading Up to the Civil War’s Beginnings in 1861”

“Episode 12: Hannah Brown on Writing Romance Fiction, Love, Wedding Planning, and Why She Made Mistakes a Central Theme in Her Fiction Debut”

“Episode 13: Mary Kay Andrews on Her Secret to Longevity and How to Use Setting or Place as a Character In a Bestselling Novel”

“Episode 14: Jen Psaki on Life as White House Press Secretary and Her Best, Most Effective Communication Tips and Tricks from Her 22-Year Career in the Field”

“Episode 15: Roger Lewis on Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton’s Passionate, Glamorous, and Sometimes Ridiculous Love Story”

“Episode 16: Susan Page on the Legendary Broadcast Journalist and Television Personality Barbara Walters, Both Onscreen and Off”

“Episode 17: Elise Loehnen on How and Why Women Are Culturally Programmed and Deeply Controlled by the Desire to Be ‘Good’”

“Episode 18: Adam Higginbotham on the Challenger Space Shuttle Disaster”

“Episode 19: Plum Sykes on Her Latest Novel, Which Takes Us Inside the World of the Glamorous, High-Society English Countryside and Introduces Us to ‘the Country Princess’”

“Episode 20: Happiness Expert Stephanie Harrison on What We’ve Gotten Wrong About Happiness Heretofore and How We Can Embrace the ‘New Happy’”

“Episode 21: Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan—Also Known as The Fug Girls—On (In My Opinion Anyway) Basically Creating the Subgenre of Royal Fiction with The Royal We and The Heir Affair”

“Episode 22: Elizabeth Beller on the Life and Legacy of Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy”

“Episode 23: Dr. Katy Milkman on How to Change and Get from Where You Are To Where You Want To Be”

“Episode 24: Sunny Hostin on Her Latest Work of Fiction in the Three-Part Summer Beach Series, “Summer on Highland Beach,” and the Magic of Historically Black Beach Communities”

Season 12

“Episode 1: Julie Satow on the Twentieth Century Department Store and the Powerhouse Women Who Ran Them—and Helped Define American Fashion in the Process”

“Episode 2: Jennifer Romolini on the Dark Side of Ambition, Experiencing Burnout, and How Workaholism is Connected to Childhood Trauma”

“Episode 3: Garrett M. Graff on the Human Element of Both the September 11, 2001, Attacks and D-Day in World War II, Which Took Place 80 Years Ago Today”

“Episode 4: Trailblazing Journalist Lynn Povich on Becoming the First Female Senior Editor of Newsweek and the Legacy of the First Female Class Action Lawsuit It Took to Make that Possible”

“Episode 5: Corey Mead on Fascinating Secrets of the White House and What It Means to America”

“Episode 6: Erika Ayers Badan on the Best Career Advice She’s Found, Being Passionate About Your Work, Her Time as CEO of Barstool Sports, and Why Failure Is Important to Success”

“Episode 7: Dr. Heather Sandison on How to Reverse (or Prevent!) Alzheimer’s and Take Back Control and Power Over Our Cognitive Health”

“Episode 8: Sara B. Franklin on the Life of Unsung Hero Judith Jones, Book Editor for Anne Frank and Julia Child Whose Influence Profoundly Shaped American Culture”

“Episode 9: Samhita Mukhopadhyay on the Myth of Making It, and Why the Modern Workplace Needs a Reckoning”

“Episode 10: Glynnis MacNicol on Her Latest Memoir, Which Explores One Woman’s Pursuit of Pleasure in Paris”

“Episode 11: Christopher Andersen on the Tragic Loss of John F. Kennedy Jr., Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, and Lauren Bessette in a Plane Crash 25 Years Ago This Summer”

“Episode 12: Dr. Steven M. Gillon on His Friend, John F. Kennedy Jr., and His Life as America’s Reluctant Prince”

“Episode 13: Howard Blum on His True Crime Masterpiece About the Idaho Student Murders—and When Bryan Kohberger’s Case May Finally Go To Trial”

“Episode 14: William D. Cohan on Losing Four Friends from His Boarding School, Andover, Far Too Soon—Including John F. Kennedy Jr.”

“Episode 15: Gary Janetti on His Best Tips and Tales from a Life Full of Travel”

“Episode 16: Emily Giffin on Her Most Courageous Novel Yet, The Summer Pact”

“Episode 17: Carole Radziwill on What It Was Like to Be Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy’s Best Friend”

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